14My name is Jacky Paiz from Puerto Barrios, Izabal. I arrived in Malta on Saturday, 20 January 2018 to start a training process that in future will help us develop in a better way the projects for the communities with greatest needs in our department of Izabal, this has been possible through the efforts and sponsors of the GuateMalta Foundation. Thank you very much for so great opportunity!

How has the experience been in the process? … 9/12 weeks, my stay in Malta has as objective the study of the face-to-face and distance learning, in order to reach more communities without being there physically for continuous training, how can we achieve this? Using the resources at our disposal (radio, television and digital media) in the most effective way.3

I want to share with you that before I arrived in Malta I already had a friend, -Carlitos- Carlos Vargas is a childhood friend, we both come from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish / Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral in Puerto Barrios Izabal, we were together during the preparation for First Communion, Carlitos was the reason because mom and dad always said: -you have to interact and pay attention at mass; because Carlitos was always the first to respond and participate during Sunday’s children masses. Now he lives here … in Malta; doing his formation process, God willing, his priestly vocation will be fruitful. My prayers for you Carlitos! God fill you with wisdom so that you advance safely in every step of your life.2

The people who have welcomed me into their home are Sunny and Josephine Schiavone, their testimony of life and principles make them invaluable human beings, for me it is a great blessing to share this experience with them, they are already an extension of my family.

 My experience in the University has been rewarding, Professor Savior Chircop is the one who accompanies me in terms of the main training, I am pleased to see how the dedication of many people who have devoted themselves to study about topics that they are passionate about, bear fruit in life real creating new opportunities for generations to come, as well as the use of technology in the processes of socialization of knowledge, because at this point in life is not about education (education comes from home) is about acquiring / sharing the knowledge and drive to carry out new research that contributes to our training.


Malta is a country with a lot of history and a culture that enchants locals and tourists, I am a tourist in Malta for what I have enjoyed from the Grotto of St. Paul, the Ancient Catacombs, Dingli’s cliffs, Gozo’s Island, wonderful landscapes and warm and lovely people, I cannot use the same word (warm) to describe my first weeks in Malta because the winter ended and I only remember the 10 minutes it took me to warm the clothes when dressing is enough to explain how different it is from the tropical climate of Izabal in Guatemala, I have managed them and in different ways I have enjoyed the cold, resisting the wind for 2 minutes without a scarf or taking a walk to “warm up”. These are things that once every few years we can experience in Izabal.


Knowing about a different system from our reality in Guatemala (social, cultural, religious and economic well-being) in my mind happens like this: a scenario goes through my mind and takes it to Guatemala considering our resources, tools and looking for what else? , What can we add to contribute to what already exists? Not because we want to be superior but to contribute to the inventions’ guild that generate well-being for our societies, which in the end are not so different eh! we are human and we all experience the same primary needs.

The culture of altruism in Malta is not a theory it is a social practice, for people it is very familiar to join and help in situations of need and share what they have; I want to mention that the difference that I have observed consists only in the method and the management capacity on the economic resources.22

As human beings it is our nature to help the need of our similar (as long as our primary needs are fulfilled) it sounds selfish to know that first are our needs and then the needs of others; but this is where our concept of love becomes practical (if you want to know more about the concept of love visit the books of the Gospels and know about Jesus first-hand), in the analysis of the situation I realized that a society that is continuously organized to help the needs of others stops seeing their own needs so this is more common in countries with a level of equitable social welfare. Therefore, where it suffers from problems of inequality, illiteracy, violence or corruption; it is in those societies where the greatest number of needs are evident.16

I remember having once said that it is better to be a poor person in a rich country than a rich one in a poor country. I believe that by sharing knowledge, making the population aware of the importance of academic education, we can achieve better realities in all societies.

I had the pleasure of meeting Maria Attard, who recently had the pleasure of visiting Guatemala (February, 2018) a respectable, consecrated lay person, who is dedicated to giving seminars on Sexual Education and runs a house for women and mothers in difficulty in the Island of Gozo, talking about their experience in Guatemala and my experience Malta mentioned something very important, we must look for the right balance between the simplicity of country life and the utility that technology has brought to our lives.26

I have met people who accompany me in this experience with a big heart to receive and share what is now so precious to all: Time. I would like to thank each one by name, maybe it is possible when I share with you the second part of the experience.

If you want to know more about GuateMalta Foundation and the projects it develops please visit the website and be part of this life experience.