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“Nueva Macho Creek” is a small village in the midst of the Izabal jungle. The families here are very poor with no basic facilities: no electricity, no drainage system and zero luxuries. The inhabitants literally have to struggle to survive and  really find it hard to be self sufficient.

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The village’s 21 families  have opted for a radical initiative that helps to protect the environment.  This consists of the ONIL clean stoves which our parish is donating thanks to the collaboration of many benefactors from around the world.

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It was not an easy task to assemble and transport the stoves to this remote village . We are very grateful to an individual who helped us to deliver the stoves by means of his truck.  A  2hr drive and another 1hr walk in the middle of the jungle are needed to arrive at this destination!   Two truck trips were made starting at 4 am. At one time the loaded vehicle  got stuck in the mud and needed to be pulled aside by a group of youth volunteers from our parish. They joined this adventure  to give us a helping hand.

The locals  carried the stoves’ heavy framework on their backs and by using some horses. On arrival they were literally exhausted ! The whole process was finished over 2 days. This involved transporting and installing the 21 stoves in the village’s huts and ensuring they functioned properly.

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These poor people are now enjoying a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The end result of these stoves is that from now on the Nueva Macho Creek women will be consuming much less wood to cook and  do not inhale the toxic fumes anymore.

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A special word of gratitude goes to Mrs.Therese Gerada who sponsored these stoves. The proceeds were collected from the sale of several paintings during an activity held in September 2015 in aid of the GuateMalta Foundation.   Thank You to all those who helped in a way or another to make such a positive impact  in the lives of these poor people.

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