Our first week in Gozo, as we mentioned in the last blog, was just the beginning of new experiences. What we didn’t mentioned before is how grateful we are, first with God and then with Maria Attard, Fr. Anton Grech and those who worked for having us here in Gozo for a period of 3 months, and of course with all the people that are always thinking in us, in a way or another they make us feel welcome in their houses and their families.

Our week started in Malta to be precisely in Caritas’ Rehab Center, which is a residency for women with drugs addiction. This program lasts for 9 months and during the program they receive pshycological, medical, spiritual and emotional support from the keepers and some of them from their families. They help them to be reintegrated into society, going back to school or finding a job. The residents are in charge of cooking, cleaning and washing their clothes, this way they will be feeling useful like if they were at their own home.

During Tuesday and Wednesday we shared with the students from the Gozo Secondary School, Dar Guzeppa Debono and with Matthew Bartolo, Danica and Nicola from Willingness team. They are a group of professionals who came together and created the program of sexual education which they wished they had when they were teens themselves. The topics for this days were Trust, Respect, Boundaries within relationships, about dating. We know how important are those topics for our youths, even when sometimes can be hard to talk about it, because our society still consider “sex” as a mythical Word.

Every day is a new day, new adventures, new experiences and full of blessings from God. We always enjoy our round trip in Ferry, of course we went back to Malta but this time to Dar Hosea which is a walk-in centre, and offers a safe place for ‘women involved in street prostitution’ and the bare necessities that they are lacking, empowering them, and teaching them self-respect, self-esteem and spiritual support. Stay tuned because we are going to share our experience in this team, and the mission of this shelter.

We live in a flat near to the promenade in Qbajjar, Marsalforn situated 15 minutes from Rabat, Victoria (the heart of Gozo) a beautiful village which is very attractive for tourists. It has a beautiful view, and there are great places for swimming and restaurants. But back to our flat, this Friday we had our cleaning, washing and cooking day! All this happened after the meeting we had in Bishop’s Conservatory secondary School for planning the seminars that we are going to talk about in our next blog.

This Saturday we didn’t take the bus as we used to do. Thanks to Andre Zammit for giving us a ride to the parent class in Gozo General Hospital, this time we learned about nappy changing, bathing your baby, sleeping safely, ideas for tummy time and dealing with a crying baby. we considered this classes very important for those who will be parents for the first time.

To finish this week we went to our first class of Safeguarding for children where father Joseph Farrugia gave us an introductory class about child sexual abuse in church. This course will last for 10 sessions.

Thanks to all for following our blog, and we will try to keep you updated of everything that we are going to do during this 3 months experience.