guatemalta.2Our weekends are no ordinary weekends! On Friday we started off our day by continuing our work in the football pitch. It was a race against time since a storm was brewing close by. As expected, in the late afternoon it rained heavily and continuously.

In the evening we were invited to JRB school to give an educational talk to parents. Nicholas Briffa gave an informative speech on sex education which focused on how parents ought to tackle this delicate topic with their children, ideally before they learn about it at school or other sources. Ilona Camilleri spoke about Nutrition Education in schools. Her speech focused on malnutrition and how it could be targeted in schools. Ultimately, Fr. Dione shed light on the importance of the family unit, targeting parents to dedícate adequate time for their children despite the hectic life many people follow. Parents responded positively to the talks and discussed their queries with the respective speakers.

On Saturday morning, together with many locals, we set off to guatemaltaQuirigua to celebrate a priesthood ordination. This was a special event for the locals because the ordained priest had spent more than a year in Fr. Anton’s parish in Santo Tomas – the village we currently reside in. It was an honour for us to be present at this event and a thought that crossed my mind was how we can see Jesus in particular moments – in this case through the ordination of a humble priest who was brought up in sheer poverty. This amplified the belief of bringing others closer to God through simple things done with great love.