GuateMalta Foundation is a recently established foundation (VO/0929) based in Malta with the aim of providing philanthropic aid to the mission run by Fr Anton Grech, a young priest working in Guatemala.  The Foundation develops and implements sustainable projects in a number of areas such as education and sports, assisting the needs of communities within Fr Anton Grech’s parish, in Izabal, Guatemala.

event 1

The Foundation was launched officially on the 10th of September at the Dolmen Hotel.  The event served the purpose to provide information about the role of the Foundation, and to share the experience of volunteers who have contributed their time supporting the missionary work in Guatemala.  The launch served as an open invitation to those willing to embark on a voluntary experience in Guatemala.

Profs Carmelo Agius, Chairman of the Foundation highlighted the Foundation’s objectives, namely:

  1. To promote social justice and community advancement by offering solidarity and sustainable projects to the poorest in Guatemala, with the aim of relieving poverty and suffering;
  2. To provide support and information to persons/groups travelling to Guatemala on  a voluntary experience in aid of Fr Anton Grech’s mission;
  3. To raise funds by means of organisation of events and activities for all the purposes and objectives of the Foundation;
  4. To develop and implement sustainable projects assisting the needs of the communities within Fr Anton Grech’s Parish in Guatemala;

event 3

Fr Anton Grech who is currently in Malta spoke about his missionary work, including projects funded by Maltese benefactors; such as chicken and fish farms; construction of a facility for educational training; health assistance and direct support to disadvantaged communities.   Fr Grech explained how financial donations are used for such sustainable projects, and also spoke of upcoming projects.

The Foundation has already embarked on its first project in the parish of Fr Grech, with the recent completion and inauguration of a multi-purpose sports arena for children and youths.  This project was partly funded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Overseas Development Aid, and with the assistance of generous donations.

GuateMalta Foundation would like to thank the Dolmen Hotel for hosting the event and sponsoring the reception, and Jubilee Foods for sponsoring the wine.

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Further information about GuateMalta Foundation can be accessed through the Foundation’s website, and its Facebook page ‘GuateMalta Foundation’. Those who are interested in offering any kind of assistance to the missionary work of Fr Anton Grech, are invited to send an email to: [email protected].