Gusto Guatemalta

For the second consecutive year, GUSTO (, has kindly chosen to sustain Fr Anton Grech’s missionary work in Guatemala and the work of our Foundation – GuateMalta Foundation, as part of its social corporate responsibility.
Our Foundation’s current project is that of raising necessary funds for the installation of clean-burning wood stoves in poor households within the communities of Izabal, Guatemala. In these rural areas, women cook around open fires inside their small huts where the family typically lives. Toxic fumes are produced whilst cooking, and this poisoned air trapped within the huts is what women and children are often inhaling. The smoke causes many chronic breathing problems as well as diseases such as lung cancer and pneumonia. Many children unfortunately end up getting burnt as well due to their close proximity to the open fire. 
The GuateMalta Foundation together with GUSTO (edition 5) are inviting you to help us raise these funds.
It’s simple….
For every Gusto Card you buy using the promo GUATEMALTA, Gusto will be donating to the Foundation half the cost of each membership. That’s €40, which also turns out to be one third of the cost of a clean stove!
As you benefit from the discount and “luxury” of safe and healthy dining, you will be giving the opportunity to poorer families to lead healthier lives and help them to own a clean burning stove with safe cooking in there own homes!
We encourage you to take this opportunity to benefit and help us in this good cause, as well as circulate this email to as many people who would be interested.
This could also be a great Christmas present for your loved ones…this time with return on investments!