In our first week in Gozo, we’ve been surrounded of all kind of opportunities. Since we got here all the people have been very kind and they make us feel welcome.

Our Main objective is to learn about the work of different intitutions that are dedicated to help those in need: as guatemalans we’re aware of the needs in our comunity and this would help us to help others.

In our first day in Gozo we took part in a seminar which the main objective was to let us know how important breastmilk is to the babies development; the benefits of vaccinations and the nutrition for the babies. We had the opportunity to share with some pregnant women who at the same time shared with us their experience as first time moms.

On Sunday we went to the mass in the Beautiful Cathedral and we had a Little tour, guided by Stephen Grech which is father Anton’s Brother.

On Monday we started with our daily activities in Dar L-Arka, which is a foundation which helps with persons with physical and mental disabilities. We met Father Michael Galea who explained us the functionality of this house and the treatment of the patients.  At night we went to a meeting in a Youth Center which belongs to the Catholic Church in Xaghra, where Father Joseph Bajada organizes meetings with Young people from 12 to 18 years old. In these meetings he tries to guide them with topics that help them in their personal, spiritual and social development, making them see the reality that we are facing in all the world. During the week we visited this two centers as part of our training.

On Thursday we had our first meeting with Maria Attard from Dar Guzeppa Debono, who took us to Malta for a meeting with a Foundation whose main objective is provide food, help and a place to sleep to those who are homeless. Our last activity for this week was a Parent Class where the future parents learn about what they would be passing through in the next months, body and physical change during pregnancy, giving birth, and the first days of baby caring depending if the delivery was natural or Cesarean.

To conclude our week, we participated in the mass in Xaghra Parish and we shared our mission with the people of this village.