These past few days were really busy with painting the ground and preparations for a bazaar … so here’s the update.

As previously mentioned, we had a sports day which was organised by the local youths within our community. The event set off by hearing the Maltese national anthem while proudly wearing national football gears that had been worn on the 100th anniversary of the Malta Football Association. Following our national anthem was the national anthem of Guatemala, to which several children sang proudly. Games involved physical challenges such as a race that started off cycling, followed by a 3 legged race while kicking a ball, an egg race, a push up challenge and ending the challenge race with a sprint. A quiz was also prepared to test general knowledge.pic2In the meantime music and cheering filled up the football pitch and its surrounding area which added to the excitement. Despite our high spirits and willingness to win, we kept a Maltese tradition, placing last. The best thing about this event was seeing our friends participating as a team and being part of this spectacular event.

The following days were dedicated to the completion of the football ground. At the moment we’re designing its facade with a beautiful scenery depicting local trees such as banana and coconut trees.

pic 4

While some of us were working on the football pitch, the rest were in a store sorting the several items of the container which had not yet been distributed. Our volunteers brought these items over to the parish church next to our dormitories, priced them in Quezales – the local currency, and sorted them on several tables. The aim of the bazaar was to create an environment in which the locals buy items at a very reduced price rather than distributing everything for free. This, we believe, safeguards people’s dignity and is also a means of raising more funds. In fact, the bazaar attracted several people and the money collected will be utilised to continue enhancing the current projects for social needs.

The bishop of Izabal visited us during this event, shared a talk with us and we donated 200 euros that were part of the sum collected from the bazaar. This will aid in projects that he has in the pipeline such as a First Aid formation of local people in remote villages.