We are dedicating this blog to all the Maltese professionals  who accepted us in their workplaces during our 3 months stay in Malta. We cherish all the time spent there from October 2018 till January 2019.

Part of our experience was volunteering with “Dar Hosea”, an NGO that works for the empowerness of  women that feel that they are not accepted by society. With the help of the social worker, the staff and other volunteers we got to know some of the ladies who use this social service and we are grateful for letting us be part of this team.

Another reality that we faced we found in the “Hospice movement”, a place where people are really dedicated in their work. The clients here are suffering of Cancer and with the help of the staff, the volunteers and other clients they find support, patience, and relief sharing with each other. They organize different activites, spiritual, Sports and emotional. God bless them.

One of the most fructifer experience was the volunteering work in “Dar Merhba Bik”, a residential house for the women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. In this opportunity we were part of their own environment speaking with the staff and the families. The staff taught us the administrative part, for example how they do the first enterview, the sessions, policies, procedures, the priority of the cases, and receiving donations.  Thanks  to the staff for inviting us to the panthomime which was a good time during the christmas time because we shared with the families and we saw all the precautions they need to go out from the house. We tried to help the families according to their needs, in this case sometimes we helped them during their cooking time or taking care of the children while they were in an appointment in the court or the hospital or during a meeting with the staff. We are glad we could help and it was a good experience for us to share with people from other cultures, and we learnt from each other.

During our stay in Malta, we went to Qormi next to the school where is “Servizz Ghozza” a center for single underage moms, where they can have the support from the staff during their pregnancy time receiving the workshops / sessions about different topics related to their needs. This is a day center where they have other clients in the same situation and this helps the social skills of the children and their moms, because some of them are living in Malta by their own, without families or friends. It’s a shame that, although  we live in a modern society, our mentality is still in the past, because some of these adolescents are living without the support of their families, or a husband and they dont have any Job and also because of other situations where they are judged by the same society and find no support. Thanks God nowadays in Malta there are a few places that offer different opportunities according to their situations. In this case Servizz Ghozza and Dar Guzeppa Debono are sharing the same philosophy, for the good of the single moms and their babies.

During our job shadowing experience we went to the Happy school which is very different and interesting school because, thanks to the head of the school and his team, all the children are motivated by an educational methodology and the passion for their work.

The special Unit in Ta-Sannat school, a center specialized in programmes for students with special needs,  was a great experience for us where we could see how the ALS (alternative learning system)  teachers (the ALS teachers work according to the needs of each school in Malta & Gozo)  work with dedication and patience for the inclusion of these students. We saw different cases of autism, mental illness and physical disabilities. This center receives students from other schools and students that are living in L-Arka foundation as part of the stimulation they need. It was a pleasure to be part of the long list of visitors who have signed the school’s book which is more than hundred years old. Thanks to Pauline Grech,  head of School, for giving us this opportunity and for helping in Fr. Anton’s mission a few years ago in Guatemala.

Thanks to the work of Maria Attard in different schools we had the opportunity to visit St. Francis School in Gozo where the students were very interested to know about our country, the positive and the negative aspects. We did this presentation in other villages like San Lawrenz, Nadur and Ta Sannat with the adolescents of the youth center.

One of the main objectives of our visit to Malta was to learn about the Spiritual Adoption Project that’s why we followed this program in the Bishop’s Conservatory school with the students of form 3. Thanks to the head of the school Christine, Miss Emma and Miss Lilian PSCD teachers for the support that they gave us. The “Spiritual Adoption program” is implemented in other schools in Malta as well, and we visited St. Joseph Senior School in Sliema, near christmas eve where we celebrated life with a mass where all the students participated.

We would like to thank God for all the blessings we received in life and to all the people who were involved and took care of us during our stay in Malta and Gozo, especially Bishop Mario Grech, bishop of Gozo. A big thsnks to Maria Attard from Dar Guzzeppa Debono for giving us this opportunity and for sharing all the knowledge and the work she does for the dignity of all. Thanks to Guatemalta Foundation’s Team Professor Carmelo Agius and his wife, André and Marika Zammit for the hospitality, the love and the time they spent with us. Thanks to all the people who offered us their friendship and love: Guate – Gozo team and their Families, Willingness Team and his leader Matthew Bartolo, the ladies from Anawim, the Youths from Xaghra and San Lawrenz, Fr. Anton Grech, Fr. Mario Curmi and Fr. Michael Grima’s Families, Fr. Joseph Bajada and his very good friends Victor Teuma, and Jacqueline Azzopardi, and also thanks to the hospitality of Grazziella Buttigieg and Mario Farrugia. We will never forget this experience and we will appreciate all the moments, and the value added to our lives,

God Bless you all. Greetings from Guatemala,

Kathya and Carol.