It was always a dream of mine to pursue a voluntary experience abroad. This wish finally came true exactly on the 2nd November, 2018. After months of preparation and fund-raising activities, the day finally arrived thanks to Mark Chucks Cremona, Fr Anton Grech and Fr Mario Curmi. Without their hospitality and care, this opportunity wouldn’t have been possible. Together with nine other friends we travelled all the way to Guatemala to fulfil our dream . During our voluntary experience we visited the communities, spent time with the kids,and did various manual Labour amongst others to help the families in Izabal.

One of Fr.Anton’s dreams is the Medical Project which requires a lot of funds. In order to support this project financial help would be greatly appreciated. As a group, we will never forget those heart- warming smiles of the kids,that simple gesture filled our heart with joy. Even though the families struggle to live in those poor condition s they still lead a happy life as a community. Our purpose was to go there and give something that they don’t have but what we received was more than we gave, and for that ,this unforgettable experience will always be embedded in our heart. We would like to show our gratitude to the support given by Mark Chucks Cremona, Fr.Anton and Fr. Mario for this fulfilling experience that we will cherish for all our Lives .