My experience in Guatemala with the youth group of San Lawrenz was wonderful.

Dun Anton was very helpful and made our stay comfortable and inviting. Dun Anton hired two ladies which prepared us the most amazing meals and were also very attentive. When we went to the villages we really enjoyed every second seeing those adorable children waiting eagerly for us, cheering and smiling with our visit especially when we gave them sweets and toys.

Their facial expression are remarkable. When we visited the schools and talked to them about dental hygiene, hand hygiene and first aid it was rewarding. I was really touched when we visited the garbage village seeing pregnant women working in the garbage and young children living there.

I really enjoyed helping these people in need by giving them sandwiches, sweets and juices. From this experience I learned what a simple life is and how lucky we are. I also was really amazed with the amazing job these people do by helping each other with what they have. This experience will remain in my memory forever.