And it definitely touched our hearts!! 

After  a lot of preparations, the long awaited missionary trip finally arrived. A beautiful and satisfying experience that fulfilled us with peace and love. The love and compassion these people have for each other and most importantly for the Catholic faith is out of this world. We came here to give out a helping hand and ended up receiving much more. Even the most poor try to help out those more in need than them. They also appreciate every single thing one does for them which is something that in my opinion we sometimes take for granted.

A definitely must do experience for all those who wish to go on a missionary trip. The smile and love of the communities towards Fr. Anton is so touching, he is loved by all for all the help and support he gives them. Im sure these 3 weeks will be marked in our hearts forever. It was such an inspirational experience that made us realize to appreciate more what we have in our lives . 

Thank you Fr. Anton for making this wonderful and amazing experience possible. 

Leanne and Jason