In life there are memorable days and there are unforgettable days. These past few weeks are definitely
unforgettable, so many wonderful moments which will I will always treasure in my heart.

I left to Guatemala not sure what to expect and honestly I wasn’t prepared for all the things we
experienced. Living here made me look at the world around me and be saddened by all the injustices,
unfairness and circumstances people in Guatemala live in. This made me gain a different perspective of life
During these days in Guatemala; where we visited poor villages and met a lot of people including lots of
children made me realize how lucky we are and how many things and opportunities we have in our life;
which we take for granted while a lot of other people only dream of having them.

We spent a lot of time playing with children who have nothing and are still smiling happily. It was astonishing to see the amount of joy these children have for how little they have been given circumstantial. You can literally
fell the pure joy coming out of their heart which is contagious and makes you want to continue giving back
and make others happy.

On another note I also feel that this experience brought us more together as a group. We lived together for
more than three weeks where we shared literally everything. We worked together as a team and we had
many conversations, games and laughs together which definitely helped to make this experience a
memorable one. It is so nice to feel that you’re a part of a group which genuinely cares and loves you for
who you are!

This experience has definitely made me a better person and I’m very thankful for all that I’ve experienced,
for the love, happiness, companionship and all the laughs and good times passed together. It will be
forever etched in my heart.