On 21st August 2019, a 3 week mission trip to Guatemala started for our St Laurence Youth Group and
while I am sitting here on the plane on my way back to Malta I am finding it hard to put words together
to describe my experience on this journey because it is indescribable and filled with many emotions.

I feel that this trip has changed my perspective of the world we are living in. We came to Guatemala
with the goal to help those in need and to make an impact but in return these people made an impact
on us. They've taught us to be more grateful of our life and to find joy in simple things. The smiles and
laughter of the children that we have met will be carved in our hearts forever.

The thing that influenced me the most through this entire journey was that these people still share with
others from the little that they have. This reflects the love and faith that they have towards God. It
impressed me how much God is part of their lives and made me realize how much we take our Catholic
belief for granted. This experience refined our friendships together as a group which helped us to
accomplish all the work that we had planned to do as a teamwork. But above all this mission helped us
to grow both in Christianity and in Humanity.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our beloved parish priest Fr Charles for this incredible
opportunity and for always believing in us. Also, thanks to Fr Anton Grech for his hospitality at his
residence. He will be in our prayers for God to continue to help him on this remarkable job that he is
doing in Guatemala together with the help of Fr Mario Curmi. I have huge respect for them after seeing
how far they have to travel each month to reach villages in order to provide them what they need and
deliver the word of God.

In conclusion, if somebody comes up to me and asks me if I see myself going back to Guatemala , my
answer would be a definite yes, because Guatemala has stole part of my heart!