For a very long time I wished to go on a voluntary mission. It was something I hoped to do before I
graduate and start a full time job, so as soon as Father Charles mentioned of organising a voluntary
mission to Guatemala I grabbed the opportunity right away.

We started preparing for this mission since January, organising different types of fund raising which took a
lot of work.

Before leaving to our mission I tried to paint a picture in my mind from what I heard what I might see when
we arrive at Guatemala but the reality was much different than I imagined.

We visited a number of villages which are under Father Anton’s care were we played with the children
which all had beautiful smiles. We also helped out at Father Anton’s Parish doing some manual work and
also sorting out their store. We also visited some schools and were involved in some of the parish activities.
All of this kept us very busy and our time at Guatemala gone by very quickly unfortunately.

From the whole experience the thing that impressed me the most was the deep devotion the citizens have
towards their religious belief. Their devotion made me think about my life and how much I am taking it for
granted together with my religious belief. These people which have nothing are full of joy because they
trust in God. After this experience I learned I should appreciate every little thing in life and be more grateful.
I wish everyone experiences what we experienced while we were in Guatemala; endless love, compassion,
kindness and patience.

I also admire Father Anton and his complete investment in his work. He has been in Guatemala as a
missionary for 22 years and has always managed to make sure to give his utmost attention and help his
community and to visit all the villages that are under his care obviously with the help of the most lovely
people I got to know during this mission and now also with the help of Father Mario. I only pray God to give
them all the strength to keep on doing the amazing work that they have been doing.