a3On 28th July we continued the “Medical Missions in Guatemala” project with the second Seminar organized in our parish thanks to the Malta Ministry for Foreign Affairs (ODA 2017) and other partners in this project who are Gozo Quiz 2016 – James Borg; Lara Gerada & friends; and Mark Chucks Cremona.

The lectures in the second seminar were delivered by different members of the medical profession who are assisting the Medical Missions project.


The following are the topics covered in the seminar including practical training classes and workshops:
1. Management of wounds and sutures workshop – part II; delivered by Dr. Sigrid Cifuentes.
2. Dengue, malaria and canopies; delivered by 2 experts from the Izabal Health Area.
3. Abdominal topography and its most frequent pathology delivered by Dr. Analucia Guila Reina.
4. Parenteral treatment and intramuscular injection workshop – part II; delivered by Jannia Arriaga who is a professional nurse.
5. Poly-traumatism and first aid – part II; delivered by Dr. Sergio Ortiz.
6. Acute diarrheal syndrome; delivered by Dr. Bernardo Monroy.
7. Signs of malnutrition; delivered by Dr. Carlos Garnica.
8. Medicines lists: names and indications – part II; delivered by Dr. Castro.
This time we had a total of 54 participants.
They came from 15 villages from our parish. The rest were from Santo Tomas de Castilla, Puerto Barrios and Entre Rios towns.


You can find all the report of this seminar and workshop in pdf format here:  Second report ODA 2017