It had long been a desire to carry out voluntary work amongst those in need. Initially this idea stemmed out from wanting to do good as well as from a yearning to discover new cultures. This desire began to mould itself when it was confirmed that together with my friends we will be doing this new endeavor in Guatemala.

Little did I know the extent of the work involved before actually setting off to Guatemala. Preparations involved several fund raising events such as “il-Lejla Maltija”and outreach activities in Parish Churches as well as involving ourselves pn TV programmes. This work also involved the collection of items to fill up the container. On several occasions this task proved very difficult and made us doubt whether we will actually manage it well. With people’s willingness to help, knowledge and offering their own time, together with our effort and persistence, this task was a success. As I write, some of the other members of the group are sorting the items to be delivered today on our next visit to a poor village close by.