‘Intense love does not measure, it just gives’. – Mother Theresa

Now, that my experience far away from my country shores, in Guatemala came to end, the above phrase by Mother Theresa makes more sense.

Before, I have heard many acquaintances talk about their emotional experience in the missionaries and an internal urge was always pushing me towards such an experience. We never know what life will bring around and unexpectedly the opportunity arrived and I was able to see the power of love…the real love!

A welcoming invitation and open arms we found here in Guatemala from a Maltese son, precisely a Gozitan one, Fr. Anton Grech. He gave us his home for these two weeks. His house is open for everyone, even a shelter for the passing by animals. Every person around him is involved in a project, all with the aim of spreading love. The smiles seen on their face transmits calmness, joy and peace around. The youths here have an impressive energy and loyalty towards their Padre, Fr. Anton. Then there is also Paola, a thirteen-month old child who was found abandoned and knows her life to an intervention by Fr. Anton. She fills the home with joy and blessings. Their home holds the necessary without any excessive luxury but love reigns and it is felt by all those who enter here.

My fortnight here passed by so quickly though sometimes it feels that I have been here for a month. I enjoyed all the activities and visits that my friends and I did. We met the parishioners, attended for services in the villages in the distance, attended for formation meetings for the youths, saw the different pastoral services, did some manual works, saw the tv station, saw the real charity and visited the poor and sick, attended for social activities related to projects carried out by Fr. Anton, assisted for the installation of clean cloves in homes and huts, visited places for rejected people by the society, saw how the project on sexual education in secondary schools functions and collaborated in sharing ideas for upcoming projects…and much more though my memory shuts down. Just the feelings prevail and I want to hold them for the years to come!

I felt proud of my country Malta because every corner that we have seen or visited has a Maltese touch. Many generous Gozitan and Maltese people have contributed along the years in various projects that Fr. Anton dreamt of and realised for the sustainable benefit of the Guatemalan society.

Providence is seen in the form of a miracle all the time.

Fr. Mario Curmi, filled with youthful energy and enthusiasm, who hails from the Xagħra Parish (Gozo) is another priest who assists Fr. Anton with supporting people in their needs but above all in spreading love.

The locals here show a lot of gratitude, appreciation and love both priests who dedicate their lives and their belongings to these people.

I have witnessed all the sacred work that is being done in Izabal thanks to providence and the vision of Fr. Anton and Fr. Mario. Their work is indeed a proof that love can never be calculated but given! I have seen the beatitudes put in practice without any hesitation or excuse.

What if this spirit is shown in other ‘rich’ countries… what a better world we would be living in?!