In less than a year, GuateMalta Foundation managed to manufacture and install 100 ONIL clean stoves around Santo Tomás de Castilla and the “Cerro San Gil” Rain Forest villages in Izabal.

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This milestone has been achieved thanks to the hard and generous support of many benefactors who have helped through their donations (€85 for every clean stove).  Contributions are still being received by our Foundation up to this present day . A special word of thank goes to  Alex Scicluna (Jubilee Group Malta), seminarian Michael Grima, and Mark (Chucks) Cremona – who has gathered many donations from Malta and Gozo –  and all foundation members.

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We are still working on this innovative project which has been so far a remarkable success. This type of stove reduces by 70% the amount of wood used for cooking, thus helping the environment as less wood is used. In the poor rural areas of Guatemala women cook around open fires in small huts where the family typically lives. Toxic fumes are produced whilst cooking and the family often ends up inhaling this poisoned air trapped within. The smoke causes chronic breathing problems, as well as other conditions such as pneumonia and lung cancer.

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The 100th stove was donated to a poor family from Las Escobas village. The governor of the region of  Izabal, Sonia Palencia was present during the installation of this stove. The event was transmitted live on local radios and a report was published in the local newspaper “Nuestro Diario”.


If you would like to donate money towards the Clean Stove Project you can kindly do so  through the GuateMalta Foundation by visiting or call us on 21556509. You can also send a message through out fb page: GuateMalta Foundation.