Hello everyone, our blog this week would be the experience of the last 2 weeks, and if you’re wondering why? Is because the week before we had holidays to commemorate “The Deads day & day of saints”, tradition that we share in Guatemala too, and another similar tradition was the kite fest. But we want to inform you about our training activities, so let’s begin!!.

The last 2 days of October were workshops about sexual education with the students of PSCD (Personal, Social & Career Develop) form 3 in the conservatory, the main objective were an introductory class about the Beauty of Life, which is one of the programs that Dar Guzeppa Debono implement in the schools, in this class the girls learned why life is worth living and how much they have to appreciate themselves and their bodies, with the students of Gozo College Secondary School form 3 in Villa Fiorita, the willingness team were speaking about sexual changes, pregnancy, puberty and why the adolescents are so moody in a dynamic way to keep them interested in this special subject.

To start with our activities in November, we went back to the conservatory school but this time with the students of form 1 and of course our sex-educator expert Matthew Bartolo from willingsness team abording the topic “Becoming a woman in 2018”, with this group of girls were so easy to talk about this subject because they were very interested in knowing their sexual and physical changes and of course how to faced them, in the evening we participated in a parent class were once again our expert explained to the parents how important is to talk with their kids about sexual education, pornography and many situations that the adolescents are protagonizing nowadays, for example sexting and the inadequated way of using social networks.

After 3 weeks living in Gozo, we went for a few days to live in Malta with 2 things on mind, the first one was the opportunity that Caritas Rehab Center for drug addicts  females leaded by Nancy and a group of specialists gave us, we had the chance to be with the residents for 3 days in their all activities. For us this was a very important experience because we could see that the work of the professionals is not just a job, for the residents they are like family or friends, the bond that they’ve created with the residents and the residents with them helps to their social develop, working with love, consistency, discipline, respect, tolerance and trust to themselves and with the others. To us the first day was not difficult but it was a challenge because they were afraid and with the expectative of what we were doing there, as we mentioned the first time we visited this center they are not able to have any contact with people from the outside, but the most time we spent with them more comfortable they were feeling and we are grateful because we realized how hard is for them to trust. Also we want to share with you that even when most of the meetings were in Maltese, one of them always was available to translate what they were saying, so we really appreciate their kindness, and it was a pleasure to help them a bit in this difficult process.

Following our Schedule in Malta, we participated with Willingness Team in the workshops for Malta Girl Guides which the topic was “ME” as a group of 120 leaders is vital that they know how to create a strong personal Brand, how to recognize the potential, their own characteristics, how to deal with the stress, how to reach a goal and of course their selfcare, thanks to the group of professionals who let us be part of the workshops. After an enriched experience in Malta we are back in Gozo! Ready to continue with our training, BTW this week we are celebrating our first month here, thanks a lot to all the people who support us and believe in us.

Two months to go..