Fish Farms

With the help of the best expertise in the field, Professor Carmel Agius, we have managed to develop two tilapia fish farms in two different regions of the country.

The first fish farm, Proyecto San Isidro, was constructed in 2007 in San Manuel Chaparron, Jalapa. It is a land based project producing up to one thousand kilos of tilapia fish a month. Tilapia is an indigenous fish which is easy to reproduce under local conditions and is the most resistant species to low oxygen levels and disease. The fish offers a much needed protein diet and new fodder for the local community. The main benefactors of this project were “Mission Fund Malta”, Café Jubilee Malta, and the parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Manhasset, Long Island.

The second fish farm, PEZ KAR (agglomeration of the word” fish” in both Spanish and q’eqchi), was established in April 2013 in lake Izabal. We have 4 floating cages brought from Scotland which are producing up to 3,000 kilos of tilapia fish a month. We are working with 25 local poor fishermen from El Estor and the project is aimed to give new opportunities to the local people with the implementation of the latest technology in fish farming. This farm is the first of its type in Guatemala and is causing big interest in the area. At the moment it is still in an experimentation stage and being studied by local authorities, companies and universities.