Ino Mario Borg together with Mark Cremona from Victoria,  Gozo have recently returned from Guatemala. They spent a month working in the parish of  Fr Anton. Ino Mario is sharing some of his experiences :


“ The few weeks I passed in Guatemala allowed me to experience what it really means to be a missionary working in a far away country. This hands on experience helped me to follow in person  what the work of the missionary consists of.  When one  witnesses the harsh realities these people face on a daily basis, one can understand better the problems the missionary has to tackle.”


“We had the opportunity to accompany Fr Anton during  several visits to villages that form part of his parish. In many occasions these were long and tiring  due to the poor accessibility to  get there. However I was always impressed by the sense of gratitude these people show towards the missionary.  Furthermore I was left out of words when I saw how these poor people share together  what they receive.”


“During this enriching experience I definitely feel that I received more than I managed to give. First and foremost the love and warmth of these people (who although do not possess  a lot of material things) was really outstanding.”


“The most difficult part of this enriching missionary experience was not during the month I spent  in Guatemala but rather when I was returning back to Malta. I left with a heavy heart these  people who are really in need of several basic necessities. At least they have the presence of Fr Anton who is working very hard to alleviate their miseries”