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Missionary life  turns out to be a continuous adventure! One of them is trekking in the rain forest.  It has been raining incessantly during the last three months.  One can  imagine the state the roads are in…they have been turned into muddy rivers. This  makes it extremely difficult  to arrive at the destination.

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January 15th is a national feast in Guatemala.  We commemorate the Black Christ of Esquipulas. The remote village of Rio Salado’s chapel is also dedicated to El Cristo Negro. Visiting the village to celebrate this feast is not an easy task.  This means driving for almost 2 hrs and then walking for around one hour and a half. It’s definitely not an easy feat due to the very high humidity and the muddy roads.

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This time around we had a horse supposedly to make the journey easier however it couldn’t even access the last stage …given the bad state the roads were in. I got stuck in the mud several times albeit wearing boots and was given a helping hand by the persons who were accompanying us . All the village comprising of around 70 families were waiting for our arrival. Soon after we celebrated the Eucharist during which a marriage ceremony and baptisms were held. The procession of El Cristo Negro concluded our visit in Rio Salado.

The journey back to my parish was once again long and tiring. This time around we were joined by a young girl Karla and her father. Barefooted and with a broken arm she had been waiting in pain for three days for our arrival in order to take her to hospital.

Arriving at the parish tired and with muddy clothes I must say that this visit was more than worth it!  We will be again there in a month’s time and let’s hope that the weather and the roads  condition improve.  I do affirm that yes missionary life is also an adventurous one and I keep enjoying it to the full!

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