Before sharing my experience in Malta I would like to comment that already more than a year and a half I had the opportunity to know about the great work that Father Anton has been doing for the development of poor communities in Guatemala. It has been very nice for me to see that there are still people who care about others and not only think about themselves, as in the case of Father Anton and all the volunteers of Malta who have come and continue visiting Guatemala to help the most in need mainly in the area of Izabal.14315895_10154433066967488_1539080742_o

During my two month stay in Malta I had the opportunity to participate in a program of shadowing in Child Psychology Services at Child and Young People´s Services, based within Saint Luke´s Hospital grounds.

During this placement I was assigned to different Psychology Services such as Child Development Assessment Unit, Child and Young people´s services. As part of this experience I also work with and share experiences directly with different member of the multidisciplinary team namely Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, councilors, and social Workers.

I was also allowed to observe and be part of some activities managed by learning Disability Clinic, such as individual and group therapy. I could see how therapists work in collaboration with the children´s family members.14339863_10154433066392488_1359477044_o

I also had the opportunity to get to know about the history and Maltese culture, I could learn and observe that the Maltese since its beginning have been working, honest and supportive people, which has made me understand and admire even more the hard work that Father Anton has been doing for my country. That´s why this experience has inspired me to want to help and contribute my work and knowledge in psychological terms at the service of others. I understand that no matter how small changes are, they always make the difference. And I would like to share and make the difference in my Country.14359831_10154433065872488_931298953_o

I would like to thank to all those who have made possible my visit to Malta and at the same time for give me and make this opportunity one of the most special and enriching experiences of my life. I thank God for putting on my way people with such a big heart and love of neighbor.

My sincere thanks to Father Anton Grech, Graziella Buttigieg, Marika Zammit, Andre Zammit, Profs. Carmelo Agius, Profs. Victor Axiak, Marija Axiak and Alvin Scicluna.