I am deacon Mario Curmi from the island of Gozo, and with God’s guidance I am ending my seven month experience in the parish of Fr. Anton Grech. This has been my third visit to this country of Guatemala, always doing voluntary work in Fr. Anton’s mission.


My experience here varied a lot throughout the seven months. Coming as a deacon has given me an opportunity to be involved thoroughly. Here I administered my first Sacrament of Wedding. I administered also 114 Baptisms which for me was such a great blessing, of which 14 of them were by immersion.

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During the months of November and December, with the help of other youths, we organized a Summer School for kids. Round 80 kids attended for three days a week where we prepared crafts, activities on the parables of Jesus, musical rehearsals and even sessions held by the local Policemen.

I helped also forming a choir group for the parish. We prepared some Carol Singing before Christmas Eve’s mass, later we sang during the Easter Vigil mass and also on the feast day of the parish patron saint, Santo Hermano Pedro.


I was also involved in the youth group of the parish. In January we presented a musical named “The Prince of Egypt” which involved more than 60 participants. After so many rehearsals, all of us were thankful for such an amazing outcome.

Other amazing experiences I had were the monthly visit at the local prison, where I accompanied Fr. Anton during the mass. I helped also in the installations of the Clean Stoves, doing mosaic work in the church, and attending medical missions.


At the end of this experience I wish to thank Fr. Anton Grech for his dedicacion in his mission and also for the help and support he gave me throughout these seven months.