A missionary priest is sent at times to live and serve in very difficult areas. Fr. Guillermo was one of those who accepted the challenge. In the middle of the Izabal jungle, bad roads, with no electricity and without communication, Fr. Guillermo de Paz served the q’eqchi mayas who work in the “African palm fincas”. Not an easy task, but he dedicated all his time with love and missionary spirit, at times walking more than 5 hours to reach a community to celebrate the Eucharist. Whenever we asked him how he felt, he always shared a big smile saying: “I feel happy!” He was patient, dedicated and ready to listen and a voice for all the “campesinos”, the farmers working in the areas.

padre guillermo

A month ago, his eldest nephew was abducted by a gang in the Peten region. A ransom was paid but the boy’s corpse was found the following day with several gun wounds, near the town. It was shocking for Fr. Guillermo and his family, but unfortunately this has become something common here in Guatemala. It affected him deeply…


During this week he was celebrating a “missionary week” in his “Santa Maria de Izabal” parish. This included several activities and evangelisation  in all the surrounding areas in order to spread the word of God to those hungry to listen. Yesterday, after a very hectic day, on arriving home late at night, he dropped dead at the door. Nothing could be done. He was just 39 years old…

We celebrated yesterday the feast of St. Francis Javier, patron saint of the missions. Our vicariate has lost one of its most faithful sons. Another priest from our Vicariate, who is just 36 years old , is terminally ill. Please pray for all the missionaries, especially those who are dedicating their life to the poorest of the poor.

In this link, you can watch a short interview performed with  Padre Guillermo a couple of years ago by the Australian Pontificial Missionary Society: