Having mentioned village in the previous blog, I have to share with you our first experience at an indigenous village on our first full day at Guatemala. After a long off road drive in the rainforest we got to this tightly knit community that celebrated mass together as it was the feast of their patron Saint – Our Lady of Carmel. Mass included baptism of newborns, Holy Communion of young children and good music which created a lively atmosphere. Despite that members of the community live in poverty, I couldn’t help but admire the unity amongst them. For instance, food was prepared and served for all of them to eat together and the first food that was prepared was offered to their patron Saint.

guateSomething I truly cherish while I am here is the hospitality of the locals and their generosity. I came here with the idea of offering kindness and love to people, especially children who may be lacking it. However, despite the language barrier, we have really connected with the locals who we meet every day for mass and for the painting of the football ground. Their kindness and beautiful smiles, together with simple good humour, struck me. It made me realize that contentment is not an adrenaline rush we acquire by materialistic things, but it is a peace that only living relationships with others can give us.