January 2016 was the date to mark our much awarded trip to Guatemala, along with my 60 year old mother who was on the greatest adventure of her life. We took the long journey across the globe to reach Izabal.


This was not the first experience in an unknown culture and doing voluntary work. Therefore I knew better than to show up with expectations. I could have never imagined what I would find here in Guatemala. This is a land of contrasts. The natural bounty, the love that people share with their community and the welcoming spirit makes it a rich country indeed. Poverty however, is a very sad truth that is obvious throughout the country.


GuateMalta Foundation is a sustainable setup, available for all. Great loving effort is made by Fr. Anton, deacon Mario Curmi and their local team to offer a loving pillar of strength at their parish churches, whilst also physically travelling daily to forest communities to provide much needed care, attention and a means of practicing their faith.

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